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Eight Pattern Wing Chun

The Eight Pattern Wing Chun (8PWC) style is a synthesis of traditional Wing Chun styles and modern research in martial arts. Without unnecessarily modifying the traditional style elements, we are taking into account science of sport and modern didactics. The result is an authentic, complete and efficient Wing Chun style, which is successfully applicable to the private self defense context, as well as to the professional environment (security, law enforcement, penal institutions, military / commando operations).

Videos and other resources

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Literature and Publications

There are currently two books published about Eight Pattern Wing Chun, and one more is in preparation.  

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We prefer if you contact us by e.mail, using the contact form below. If there is an opening, already experienced martial artists, women and young people will be considered first in their applications.

Information about your motives and background will improve your chances. We will usually reply within 3 weeks or faster.