Eight Pattern Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wan Koon Chung's Wing Chun Poem (1992, 2nd version)

(Source: http://www.koonchung.com; you will also find a newer version of the poem there.)


詠春絕技  源自少林  招無虎鶴  法無五行

只談線位  力與角度  同門技力  四位三度

以弱勝強  始是功夫  內外相消  並無絕招

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Translation / Interpretation

Please note that a work like Wan Koon Chung's poem cannot really be translated from the Chinese language without understanding the exact intent of each motto as the author meant it. This interpretation / translation by Matthias has not been verified by Wan Koon Chung. If an official translation becomes available, we will post it here.

Wing chun originated from the Shaolin monastery, but it is not about tiger and crane and not about the five elements; It is about geometry, powers and angles, the ways of skillful power through four positions and three levels.

It is only an art if you win from a position of weakness. Inside and outside  cancel each other out. There is no ultimate technique.

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Further Mottoes

Source unknown.
攤手審敵勢  遠觀近發招  任他騰與躍  我自樂逍遙
出手如流星  腳起似飛箭  上午下鉗陽  確保無漏偏
黏橋是關鍵  知覺握先機  得手莫停留  連打要緊記
橋來橋上去  肘來肘上消  長橋逼身破  馬來馬爭先
來留必去送  甩手要直衝  直來曲中取  橫來直手標
Use Taan to judge the enemy force. While he is far, just look; when he is near, lure him out.
Let him prance and jump, while you ramble in a safe distance.
Shoot out hands like a meteor; raise your foot fast like an arrow. Upper body straight up, below grip the floor as with pincers and ensure that you have no one-sided weakness.
The sticking bridge is crucial; focus your perception to grasp this key moment.
Move smoothly and don’t stop; never forget to continuously attack.
When a bridge comes, cover it. When an elbow comes, cover it and vanish.
The long bridge can force the body to go. The legs will fight for the first place.
Stay with what comes, follow when it goes. If your hand is freed, thrust it straight forward.
If it is straight, curve and take the middle. If it comes from the side, attack straight.