Eight Pattern Wing Chun Kung Fu


EXCEPTIONAL! THE best book on WingTsun technique I have ever seen. A conscientious, sensitive and thoughtful work. The purest WingTsun.
Sifu Salvador Sánchez 

The presentation and accurate translation of these mottoes (...) is the best I have seen in any Wing Chun book, and that's why Eight Pattern Wing Chun Kung Fu is a great read, whether you are a student of the author or not.
Eric Lilleør, Wing Chun Illustrated magazine

The books information density is really great. You can read the book time after times and it never gets boring, you always find something new. A really magnificent Wing Chun book!
Markus L., Germany

An excellent book; Dense and consistent information without waffle, prepared with a love for detail and presented with high sophistication.
Dr. Wolfgang K., Austria

As a passionate collector of Videos of original Yip Man students, I usually find a lot of crap, but occasionally there is a "pearl", a concept which you never heard in WT, but still makes a lot of sense. This book seems to contain all these, but they are not just thrown in. They are integrated seamlessly and perfectly fitting into the greater concept of the book.
I have given it the greatest honor which I can give to a book. I have read the paperback edition and purchased the hardcover edition immediately after that. The hardcover will be put on the shelf for the future. The paperback will be used as a kind of working book.
Dr. "Ludwig" S., Germany

The book is excellently systematized; better than any similar book. The drawings and explanations are excellent as well. It may be the author’s intention to help more advanced students, but the book is very good for everyone! Furthermore, I think that this is the complete system. Or at least almost complete, but with such a deep and strong foundation, that everything will be brought to light as a unit with this books, so that a student may have a view and vision of unity and find peace of certainty.
Mihael L., Serbia

One of the highlights of this book are the Chinese stratagems ('mottoes'), which build up a consistent thread throughout the book. Even if one has already studied Chinese strategy and war tactics (like Sun Tzu, the 36 stratagems and alike), one will find plenty of new ideas which are not only useful for martial arts but also for our daily lives.
Dr. Albert Thiele, Germany